What We Do
Medicare Assurance Group, LLC


We offer consulting, education, and support services for employer groups and Medicare beneficiaries.

Medicare Assurance Group, LLC
Medicare Assurance Group, LLC

Our Promise

  • Collaborative: We work closely with you to understand your unique needs
  • Customized: We make tailored recommendations for medical and prescription drug coverage
  • Cost-effective: We review all the options to make sure you’re getting an affordable plan

With over 30 years of healthcare experience, we evaluate and recommend the most cost-effective, comprehensive medical and prescription drug solution that meets the needs of the individual Medicare beneficiary and the retirees of employer groups.

Medicare Assurance Group, LLC

Best-of-Class Service

We are the insurance experts with an ultimate pledge to deliver best-of-class service and peace of mind. Creating satisfying partnerships and satisfied clients is the foundation of our business.


Medicare Assurance Group, LLC combines deep healthcare and Medicare experience with a personal commitment to customer service and peace of mind.

  • Over 30 years of healthcare experience
  • More than 25 years of serving Medicare beneficiaries
  • In-depth knowledge of Medicare coverage options
  • Comprehensive understanding of retiree benefits programs
  • Ability to develop benefits programs meeting regulatory compliance requirements and collective bargaining agreements
  • Individualized attention to each client’s needs

We understand it can be a challenge to navigate Medicare options. We personally work alongside our clients so they can be assured they are getting the most appropriate Medicare plan.

Medicare Assurance Group, LLC



We’ll evaluate your current retiree medical benefits and usage and tell you if you’re getting value for money.


We’ll compare your current benefits to other options available and, if appropriate, recommend a more cost-effective plan, or endorse their current selection.


We’ll demystify and explain how your Medicare coverage works.


We’ll support our Employer Group clients by working directly with the health plans on their behalf.